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A Body is Not a Part of a Head
2015/2016, HD video, loop, 8 min., with sound

A Body Is Not a Part of a Head is a video work that consists of a combination of video,
photography, spoken and written words in three short chapters.

In this video work time stretches and condensates by relating the movement of rocks
over millions of years to those of fingers in milliseconds. It is constructed of rhythms
in language and image. And refers to, and borrows from, techniques that are used to
reach the subconscious. It aims to make an associative connection between the human
body and that of the earth, by interweaving their movements and turning inward, simultaneously
into the human unconscious and the core of the earth.

Thanks to
ETH Zürich - Earth Science Collections
Museon - museum for culture and science, Den Haag
Utrecht University - Faculty of Geosciences
Arts Atrium, Zürich
Celina Yavelow
Studio Haring
Heleen van Loon
Jan Weynants
Miek Zwamborn

Installation view of Breakfast Show, an exhibition curated by Van Loon

http://www.ericavanloon.nl/files/gimgs/th-16_A Body Is Not_EvL.jpg