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Endless Chain
Selection of 20 out of 210 photo's
2012, variable sizes (presented as C-prints, slide show and as part of the artist publication So Are We to the Trees).

The series includes more than 200 mountains that are each framed by hands forming a triangular shape. Shape, texture and shadows of the hands interact with that of the landscape. The title of the photo series, not only refers to the repetitive gesture of the hands, but also to a mountain range called Endless Chain, in the Rocky Mountains where these mountains were ‘caught’.

The mountain range was named by Mary T.S. Schäffer, who wrote in her book Old Indian Trails of the Canadian Rockies (1911): ‘With only a stretch of imagination I could have put out my hand and stroked Alexandra’s face, and patted the rough crags of Gable which loomed above the four atoms of humanity who peered aloft at their greatness from that great silent theatre whose players had been turned to snow and ice’.
About the mountain chain she named she wrote somewhat less affectionate: ‘A short distance beyond the rock-slide and on the river's right, begins a low, rocky ridge, which for length and unadulterated ugliness cannot be beaten. We trailed it for a day and a half and then named it 'The Endless Chain' well named too, for on reaching the Athabasca shores, we found that it still stretched on in an unbroken line for miles down the river’.

Endless Chain was produced with the kind support of:
Mondriaan Fonds, The Netherlands
Banff Centre, Banff, Canada
Marc Oosting

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